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ChopperStickers.com January 2007 Email Newsletter

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 ChopperStickers.com January 2007 Newsletter

ChopperStickers.com January 2007 Newsletter - Happy New Year!

Was Santa good to you? He did me right and I wasn't even that good this past year.

There was a problem with the December 2006 Newsletter. Some of you may have received it twice and some of you may not have received it at all. Sorry about that, the problem should be worked out now. The ChopperStickers.com Newsletter is usually sent out on the 1st or 2nd of the month and in case there are problems in the future archives of the newsletter can always be found here.

I want to take the opportunity to say "Thank You" to everyone who has visited the site and shopped in our store. We had a successful year at ChopperStickers.com and we are looking forward to an even better 2007! Thank you!

Have a safe and happy New Year!

In this Newsletter:

-ChopperStickers.com Site Enhancements
-Door Prizes for Motorcycle Club Runs and Events
-Check out the new Lethal Threat Decals
-Chopper Shops! Brand and Shop Decals
-Some of our New Helmet Stickers
-Last Months Top Selling Stickers

For the latest news check out the Site News Archive or the ChopperStickers.com Blog.

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ChopperStickers.com Site Enhancements

You may have noticed that the look of ChopperStickers.com has been updated a bit. We have done a lot of work over the last couple of weeks to make the shopping experience on ChopperStickers.com easier and more enjoyable.

The site should load a bit faster now and also look a bit better for folks visiting the site with monitor set at lower resolutions.

We also added a few new sections to the site. First the New Stickers! area. Here you can quickly view the newest stickers added to our catalog in the last 10 days, 45 days, 60 days, 90 days, and 1 year.

Also you can view a listing of all of the Stickers and Decals in our catalog on a single page and a listing of our top selling stickers and decals.

Another option we added is now you can select quantities of multiple stickers that are listed on a page and add them all to you shopping cart with the "Add Selected Items to Cart" buttons on every category listing page. Just select the quantities of each sticker you want and click on any of the "Add Selected Items to Cart" buttons on the page. You can still view sticker details and add single sticker design to your cart by selecting the quantity and using the "Add to Cart" button on the sticker's detail page.

We will continue to add enhancements and improve the site to try to make your experience shopping at ChopperStickers.com one of the best!

If you have any comments or questions we woud love to hear from you. Just drop us a note using the Contact Us form.

Door Prizes for Motorcycle Club Runs and Events

Is your motorcycle club or organization having a run or event that you are in search of Door Prizes for? A poker run, charity run, motorcycle rodeo, biker party, or other motorcycle event? ChopperStickers.com would like to help out.

We have a limited number of ChopperStickers.com Gift Certificates available each month to motorcycle clubs to use as door prizes for runs and events. The number of ChopperStickers.com door prizes we can give out will vary month to month and they are available first come, first serve.

More information on requesting ChopperStickers.com Door Prizes for your club/organization biker run or motorcycle event.

Check out the new Lethal Threat Decals

Check out these great new Lethal Threat Decals now available at ChopperStickers.com!

Lethal Threat Iron Cross Stickers
Lethal Threat Iron Cross Decals
Lethal Threat Skull Decals
Lethal Threat Skull Decals
Lethal Threat Pinup Babe Decals
Lethal Threat Pinup Girl Decals

Check back often more of these killer Lethal Threat Decals will be added soon.

Chopper Shops! Brand and Shop Decals

Cool brand stickers from custom motorcycle shops, chopper builders, and motorcycle manufacturers.

We currently have stickers from a couple of custom chopper shops. Cool car windows decal from 8 Mile Choppers out of Detriot and a Chrome If It Ain't Steel It Ain't Real helmet sticker from Fabricator Kevin. In the next couple of months we will be adding more stickers and decals from other custom chopper builders, motorcycle shops, and motorcycle manufacturers.

Chopper Builders and Motorcycle Shops!
Motorcycle shops, bike builders, and manufacturers do you have a shop or brand sticker that you think would fit in our catalog? Drop us a note to find out how you can get your shop and stickers listed at ChopperStickers.com.

Here are a few of our newest helmet stickers:

If I Want Your Opinion I'll Give It To You!

How About I Just Smack the Stupid Out Of You!

Some Days Your're the Windsheild Some Days You're The Bug!

Annoying the World One Person at a Time

She Say's She Loves My Mind She Must, She Fuck's With It Everyday!

Outta My Way I Have To Pee!

New Stickers are being added all the time! Click here to check out all of our new stickers.

Click Here to Check out all of our Biker Helmet Stickers

Check out last months top selling stickers:

Loud Pipes Save Lives

U.S. Flag

For Some There's Therapy, For The Rest Of Us There's Motorcycles

Fake .38 Caliber Bullet Hole Stickers


Check out the Top 15 Selling Stickers on ChopperStickers.com