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ChopperStickers.com February 2007 Email Newsletter

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 ChopperStickers.com February 2007 Newsletter

ChopperStickers.com February 2007 Newsletter

It is February. Winter is finally here and Spring is just around the corner!

It has been a busy month. Lots of site enhancements and upgrades. We have also added a lot of great new stickers. Our inventory of Chopper Shop Stickers is also growing, we have stickers from several more shops on the way.

Biker Helmet Stickers

In this Newsletter:

-New Helmet Stickers at ChopperStickers.com
-Featured Biker Site
-ChopperStickers.com Blog Has Moved
-ChopperStickers.com Biker Link Directory
-Last Months Top Selling Stickers
-ChopperStickers.com Site News and Enhancements

For the latest news check out the Site News Archive or the ChopperStickers.com Blog.

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Here are a few of our newest helmet stickers:

The Only Thing I Want in Life is For My Wife & Girl Friend to Get Along!

I Fuck on the First Date!

If I Wan't Your Opinion I'll Give It to You!

Trucker Mud Flap Girl
Facing Left

Trucker Mud Flap Girl
Facing Right

New Stickers are being added all the time! Click here to check out all of our new stickers.

Click Here to Check out all of our Biker Helmet Stickers

Featured Biker Site

Each month we feature a great motorycle related site from our Biker Link Directory

This Months Featured Site: Brass Balls Bobbers - It's Not Just Riding... It's A Lifestyle!
Custom Motorcycles from Darwin Motorcycle Company.
Great looking website and some very nice looking bobber style motorcycles. Check out their Free Stuff area for some desktop wallpapers featuring awesome bikes and one very hot biker babe.
Visit Brass Balls Bobbers.

ChopperStickers.com Blog Has Moved

The ChopperStickers.com Blog has been moved to it's new home at http://blog.chopperstickers.com/. We had several reasons for doing this. The primary one being to make upgrades to the ChopperStickers.com Biker Helmet Sticker Store software and also the blog software easier to handle.

If you have not checked out the ChopperStickers.com Blog stop by and have a look. We update it several times a week including a brand new Biker Joke Every Monday and new Hot Biker Babes every Friday. You'll also find ChopperStickers.com site news, motorcycle industry news, great online shopping for motorcycle accessories & parts, and some cool bike features.

The ChopperStickers.com Blog's New Home

ChopperStickers.com Biker Link Directory

Looking for some great biker sites? Check out the ChopperStickers.com Biker Link Directory. We only list motorcycle related and biker sites so you won't find a bunch of junk in our directory.

If you have a motorcycle website or if you know of a great biker site that should be listed in our directory be sure to add it today.

Check out the ChopperStickers.com Biker Link Directory

Check out last months top selling stickers:

Here are the Top 5 Stickers for January 2007!

Loud Pipes Save Lives

For Some There's Therapy, For The Rest Of Us There's Motorcycles


US Flag

Fake .38 Caliber Bullet Hole Stickers

Check out the Top 15 Selling Stickers on ChopperStickers.com

ChopperStickers.com Site News and Enhancements

Just a little about what is going on at ChopperStickers.com. We are constantly working to improve our site and your shopping experience. If you have any comments or questions we would love to hear from you. Please feel free to contact us anytime.

ChopperStickers.com SSL Certificate
At ChopperStickers.com we are dedicated to keeping our customer and visitor information secure and protecting their privacy. We have installed a SSL Certificate that will encrypt information that is submitted to ChopperStickers.com including site registration information and order information. You order payment information has always been encrypted with SSL.

Shopping Cart Upgrade
The ChopperStickers.com Shopping Cart System was upgraded on January 19, 2007. The upgrade was quick and the site was back up and running with in a few minutes.

Order Processing Problem on January 12, 2007
There was a problem with the checkout process that started late in the night on Jan 12, 2007 after an upgrade to our webserver. When an order was submitted customers were not being transfered to the paypal payment gateway to submit their payment information. It seemed to work fine in Mozilla, Firefox, and Netscape but not with IE. The problem was corrected quickly.

Updates and current site news can always be found in the Site News Archive.