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Summary: Belt Buckle Knives - How Fast Can You Whip Yours Out!
Description: Need a knife fast? Stop fumbling around in your pocket, it's right on your belt buckle and it'll come out with the flick of a thumb. No messing around to try to find a knife. It's always right where you need it. A flick of the thumb and it's open and ready to go.

This is the coolest tool ever. It's so handy you'll be lost without it. It won't fall out and your friends will never figure out how it opens. An amazing time saving product. Your knife will be out and the job done while your friends are still fumbling in their pocket for their silly pocket knife. When you need it fast it's there. When you need one handed operation it's there. Always handy, right there on your belt buckle.
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Listing Date: Friday, January-05-2007
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