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Biketoberfest or Bust!!!
Any orders placed after 10:00 PM EDT on Thursday, October 10, 2013 will not be processed until we return on Saturday, October 19.

Be Safe - Take Care - RIDE FREE!!! o~\o

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Sticker How To's

Biker Helmet Stickers at :: Sticker How To's

 Sticker How To's

Here are just a few basic How To's to help you get the most out of your Stickers.

These are just guidelines to get the best results. If you are not that worried about it - JUST STICK'EM!

How to Put Stickers on Your Motorcycle Helmet

How to Apply Lethal Threat Decals

How To Put Our Stickers on Your Motorcycle Helmet (or anywhere else)

These instructions are for all of our biker helmet stickers except our Lethal Threat Stickers - Click Here for How to Apply Lethal Threat Decals

Following these few simple steps will ensure that your stickers will stay stuck for miles and miles and miles.

  1. Clean the area. Use a clean non-abrasive rag along with a little glass cleaner or rubbing alcohol.

  2. Dry the area with a clean lint free cloth.

  3. Carefully remove the backing from the sticker to expose the adhesive.

  4. Take your time and apply the sticker - This must be done carefully, once the sticker is stuck there is no moving it. Removing the sticker will destroy it.

Helmet Sticker Tips

  • For best results the area where you are going to stick the sticker should be smooth.
  • Apply stickers when the temperature is between 45 - 80 degrees.


How to Apply Lethal Threat Decals

Our line of Lethal Threat decals are simple "Peel n Stick" type decals. For our smaller size decals we recommend a dry application. For our tank decals, or large decals, you can use the dry application or a wet application method. Below you will find instructions for both types of applications.

These decals were specially designed to fit your motorcycle tanks, fenders, fairings, and windshields. They can be appled to any clean smooth surface. Great for cars, boats, snow mobiles, quad runners, water craft etc.

Dry Application For Smaller Decals | Wet Application For Larger Decals

Dry Application

  1. Clean the surface where you will apply the decal. Use window cleaner, soapy water or rubbing alcohol to prep the surface, and dry with a lint free cloth. Surface temperature should be 55F to 70F, and not in direct sunlight.

  2. With clean dry hands, peel the sticker from the backing card. Try to handle the decal as little as possible, only holding by edges.

  3. Line up the sticker how you would like it. Attach the bottom part of the sticker to the surface, using a sqeegee or credit card, rub the rest of the decal onto the surface.

  4. If you do have any air bubbles trapped, use a pin to make a small hole and rub until all bubbles are out.

Wet Application

  1. Clean thoroughly the area where you will apply the decal. Do not apply over any existing decals. Remove any wax, dirt, tar, or other road debris with a well known motorcycle or automotive cleaner. Surface temperature should be 55F to 70F, and not in direct sunlight.

  2. Once area is clean and dry, fill spray bottle with water and add 3 to 4 drops of dish washing detergent. Shake. Set bottle nozzle to mist and mist the area where you will apply the decal. Do not over spray.

  3. With clean, dry hands remove the decal from the backing card by bending the corner of the decal so that the decals seperates from the backing paper.

  4. Position the decal in the desired location. The misted solution will allow you to move the decal to the desired position. Once satisfied with the desired location, with the squegee (credit card) lightly rub the decal from the center out in all directions, rub the decal until all water or air bubbles are squeezed out from under the decal.


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